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    Wind Turbine Generator System (WTGS) Platform

    This WTGS boasts the world’s leading semi-direct drive compact transmission technology and onshore WTGS with the largest capacity and has the features of ultra-light weight and ultra-small volume of the semi-direct drive WTGS. The ultra-low cost per kilowatt hour of this intelligent WTGS brings the maximum benefits to customers.


    Basic parameter

    MySE4.0MWproduct line

    Model Unit MySE4.0-145/156 MySE5.0-166
    Rated power kW 4000 5000
    Designed wind zone class S S
    Cut-in wind speed m/s 2.5 2.5
    Rated wind speed(NWP) m/s 9.7 10.5
    Cut-out wind speed m/s 25 25
    Designed lifetime
    20 20
    WTGS operating temperature -30~+40
    WTGS survival temperature -40~+50
    Adaptable environment Normal temperature, low temperature